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Nantong's "Indoor" Produce Markets

On the northern shore of the Yangtze River, just upstream from Shanghai is the coastal city of Nantong, with a population of 400,000.

The free markets in this city bear some resemblence in structure and organization to those in Hangzhou, with one very significanat difference.  The Nantong city government has been more aggressive in closing down the morning markets.   All farmers and resellers have been forced to relocate to government-run all-day market buildings.  Fortunately, the conversion seems to have been quite successful, judging from the 2 "indoor" markets that I visited.  There are more than 10 such market centers scatttered throughout the city.  I was unable to locate a morning market in Nantong's downtown area.

Yi Jia Bridge All-Day Market

Duan Ping Bridge All-Day Market

To Yi Jia Bridge Market