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Ningbo's Zhang Bin Bridge Produce Markets
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As in other cities in China, Ningbo today has morning markets and all-day markets right in the downtown area. But the morning markets are slowly disappearing and are being replaced by indoor all-day markets.

Morning Markets
You'll have to be an early bird to catch one of the few morning markets in Ningbo, a city of 1,000,000 people in Zhejiang Province.  Ningbo is located across the Golf Hangzhou from Shanghai.  These morning markets start at 4:30 am and are completely closed down by 7:00 am.  Unlike Shanghai, the morning markets in Ningbo are small, informal neighborhood markets and are apparently unregulated by the city government in that no fees are levied on the vendors. 

The informal morning street market near the foot of the Zhang Bin Bridge, just off Jiangdong North Road, attracts an even mix of farmers and resellers.  They are easily distinguished by their produce:

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Farmers offer 1 - 2 types of produce.
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Resellers offer 4 -5 types of produce.


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