4-foot wide, gas-fired paŽlla pan is the predominant feature of the Navarro stand. It's brimming with either a chicken or a seafood paŽlla that starts to cook when the marchť opens at 8:00 am and by mid-morning, you can buy a kilo (2.2 lbs.) for 90 FF ($19.00).

2. More ingredients are added by 10:00 am

1. Slow cooking starts as soon as the marchť opens

3. Shellfish is added at the end for the seafood paŽlla

While her son tends the paŽlla pan, Madame Navarro tends the rest of the stand, selling home-made lasagna, stuffed eggplant (layers of eggplant alternating with layers of cheese and other vegetables), and a Spanish version of traditional stuffed provenÁal vegetables, sausages and various hams. The flavors of their home-made dishes reflect a blending of the Navarro family's Spanish heritage with their provenÁal environment.

The family traces its origins to the Navarre, a province in northern Spain that was ruled by France from the 1200's to the early 1800's. During that period, people of the Navarre migrated west along the Mediterranean coast, bringing with them their Spanish cuisine. Even today traces of this Spanish influence can be tasted as far west as the province of the Var, where St.-Tropez is situated.


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