ur morning of shopping at the marché isn't complete until we've had at least one slice of pizza as we pause between forays down the crowded shopping arcades. At FF10 a slice (about US$ 2.00) or FF 45 - FF 50 (US$ 9 - 10.00) for a whole small and FF 55 - FF 60 (US$ 11-12.00) for a whole large, this pizza is expensive. But eating a piping hot slice just as it comes out of the oak burning oven is worth the expense.

The pizzas are made from scratch in this fully equipped pizza trailer. The dough is rolled and baked in the open hearth oven, which is a permanent fixture inside the trailer. The oak coals are burning at 500-550° F so the pizzas bake in just a few minutes. The pizza dough is so thin and delicate that it barely supports one of the 17 toppings to choose from:

Fromage Jambon
Fromage Royale
Fromage Anchois
Fromage Chorizo Mozzarella
Fruits de Mer
Thon Fromage
Artichaut Jambon
Oignons Fromage
Poivrons Rouge
Anchois Tomates
Fromage Tomates
Ratatouille Fromage
Pizza aux Trois Fromages
Merquez Fromage
Fromage Basilic

Oak-wood pizza oven inside a motorized trailer

This mobile pizza stand is also equipped with a cellular phone for customers to phone in orders for pick up or delivery! From 8:00 am - 1:00 pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you can call: 09-97-74-23.

Scooters will deliver!


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