"Ditty's Picks - Top of the Market"
Market Map

(Locations have changed at the new market location.  An updated map will be posted soon. Size of each cell does not correlate to the size of the vendor's stall at the Market.)

West Side
(Embarcadero Center)
  Central Circle
Central Circle
  East Side
(Ferry Building)
Downtown Bakery   Rosa Pistola
Hayes Street Grill
  G & S Corn
Sweet, white corn
Bruins Farms
Early hothouse tomatoes

Eating area

Critical Edge
Acme Bread
Aidell's Sausages
Native Foods Lowen Farms Family Ranch
Gingrass Sausage
Lamb pastrami
Happy Boys
Pepper cress
Salad mix
Arietta Flowers
(aka Country Essences)
Hillcrest Gardens
Enzo Meats Arietta Berries
(Country Essences)
DeSantis Farms
Monterey Fish Glashoff's Warm Springs
Charentais melons
Brooks and Daughters
Bulk Farm
(aka Oakdale Cheese)
The Peach Farm The Fruit Factory
David's Finest White Crane Farm Green Valley Farm Brokaw
Intertidal Oysters Yerena Strawberries Nakashima
Kotobuki sweet potato
Lagier Ranch
Bates & Schmitt
Heirloom apples
Apple cider syrup
Apple balsamic vinegar
Marshall's Honey Kashiwase Iacopi Farms
English peas
Genuine Exotic Melons
Dry-farmed melons
Dry-farmed tomatoes
Moua Produce Capay Canyon Ranch Riverlands
Hunter Orchards
Rocambole garlic
Small Potatoes
Inca Gold
Farmer's Wife
Fava beans
Furusho Farm The Garden Project
Baby arugula
Fresh & smoked chicken
Bella Viva Farm Tierra Vegetables
Chili peppers (fresh; dried)
Portabella mushrooms
Basil bouquets
Twin Girls
Blood oranges
Paradez Farms Guacamole Farms Short Night
Cipolini onions
Sciabica Olive Oil
Manzanillo Fall Harvest
Yokoto Roses
(formerly Enomoto Roses)
Madison Growers

Specialty cukes
Honey Crisp
Meyers lemons
Stenzel Kiwi Farm
Rob's Corn Brown's Greens Zuckerman Farm
Harry's Berries
(aka Iwamoto & Gean)
Blue Lake beans
Solari Ranch White Rabbit Farm Brookside Orchids
Cache Creek Farm Frog Hollow Farm Phipps Ranch Devoto Gardens
Swanton Berry Farm Knoll Organic Farms
The Aerie
Bodega Goat Cheese Stony Farms
Carrots; Strawberries; Radishes
Betty's Berries
High Standard Farm
Limestone lettuce
Baby Artichokes
Marin Gourmet Happy Quail Farms Capay
Redwood Goat Dairy Hazeldell Van Mourik Nuts
Raw walnuts
Roasted and salted almonds
Everything Under the Sun
Straus Family Creamery Fan Tan Farms
(aka Dirty Girl)
Pearl onions; Green onions
Green Gulch Farms Springhill Potatoes
Bellwether Farms Eatwell
Green garlic
Garlic bulbils
Heirloom tomatoes
Winter greens
Hamada Farm Gold Bud
Seckel pears
Concord grapes
Petaluma Farms
Pullet eggs
Noe Valley Bakery   Demo Area
(Shop with the Chef)
Xpressso Pasta Shop Cypress Flower Farm

Embarcadero Center

    Ferry Building


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