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I've been involved with China since the early 1960's, when I began studying Chinese in high school in Massachusetts, where I grew up.  As an undergraduate at Connecticut College, I majored in Russian and minored in Chinese and I continued my graduate studies in Chinese, earning an M.A. from Harvard University in 1968. My first trip to China was in 1977, shortly after the death of Mao Tse-tung and at the height of the televised trial of the Gang of Four. Since then, I've made over 100 trips to China.

I live in San Francisco, California and have  worked for a China investment advisory company since 1981. This business regularly takes me to China 4 - 5 times year.

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Researching Beijing's
"free markets" (June 1997).

My recent interest in the farmer's market movement in the U.S, and particularly  the thriving Ferry Plaza Market in San Francisco, led me to research a similar phenomenon in China known as "free markets".

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