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Suzhou's Lackluster Markets

Suzhou, a city world renowned for its classical Chinese gardens, is not a market town.  The produce markets are far and few between.  Suzhou residents must walk or bicycle a long distance to reach a neighborhood market.  Moreover, Suzhou has made a complete transition to indoor markets for both farmers and resellers.   The little alleyways between apartment buildings, where you would expect to find morning markets, or even a few itinerant vendors hanging out to catch a quick sale, are totally devoid of any market activity.  On Sunday, a few vendors gather on a bridge over one of Suzhou's many canals.  These ad-hoc Sunday markets seem to be the only street activity permitted in the city.

One large indoor market I visited called the South Gate Market (nanmen.gif (838 bytes) ) has 150 produce stalls, but does not have separate sections for farmers and resellers.   The market is open from 5:00 am - 6:30 pm and is located 1/2 block from Zhu Hui Road (zhuhui.gif (223 bytes)).

szindoor.jpg (28504 bytes)
Resellers predominate in
South Gate Market.
szfarmer.jpg (25171 bytes)
One of the few farmers
at this Market.


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