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Jinan's Bustling Markets

Jinan, with a population of 4,000,000 is the capital city of Shandong Province, which is one of China's "bread basket" provinces, supplying the north-central regions of China.  So it was not surprsing to see that the farmers' markets in Jinan were overflowing with fresh produce from local farms.  The Lin Yi region of Shandong is also China's garlic-growing center and Shandong's cuisine (as well as its markets) abound with garlic.  It's a garlic lover's paradise!  Peanuts, apples and corn are the other predominate crops.

The free markets in Jinan are coveninently scattered throughout the city.   I visited two markets that are both charming and functional:

"Industrial University" Market

Di Kou Road All-Day Market

To "Industrial University" Market