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Hangzhou's Pine Tree Market
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Just off Shuguang Road (shuguang4.GIF (164 bytes)), one of the Hangzhou's main thoroughfares near the Dragon Hotel, is one of the most interesting free market centers I have seen.  It consists of an outdoor section for resellers and indoor section reserved strictly for farmers.

Because the market is in an alleyway away from city traffic it can operate from 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. daily.  As with most free markets, it is under the administration of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the city. 

Outdoor Section for Resellers

This section is in a narrow residential alley that winds its way back from the main street and spills onto a multilevel cement platform.

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               Colorful umbrellas protect
         against frequent summer rains.

While farmers can set up in the outdoor or indoor area, resellers are restricted to the outdoor area.

Monthly fees average RMB 300 (US$ 36.00), plus a nominal turnover tax of 1 RMB (US$ 0.12) per 500 kg. of produce brought to the market.

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Outdoor stalls more expensive             than indoor stalls.

Fees for a stall indoors are about 1/3 lower than in the outdoor area, reflecting the local government's support for the farmers.

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