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In this chapter, we'll visit 2 morning markets that are representative of the types of morning markets that proliferate throughout all the neighborhoods in downtown Shanghai. Since this report was originally prepared in 1998, there have been significant changes in both of these markets.

Xiang Yang Road Morning Market
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June 1999 Update:
  • All vendors must now wear yellow badges, showing that they have registered with the Market's Management Office and paid the RMB 200 (US$ 24) market fee.
  • The Market manager's are now highly visible, wearing long white coats.  They exert more control over the Market's operations than in the past.

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Vendor wearing mandatory badge.


Nanchang Road Morning Market
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June 1999 Update:
  • Nanchang Road is undergoing extensive modernization.  All the older houses along this road have been razed and fancy apartment and office buildings are going up in their place.
  • The Market's Management Office remains opens and the Market will reopen by fall 1999, after reconstruction is complete.

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Left side of Nanchang Road has been renovated.
Right side awaits renovation.  A vendor walks
bike cart through former market area.


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