Hand - Pulled Noodles
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(la  mian)

Step 1
Vigorous kneading makes
the dough soft and pliable

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Step 2
A dab of oil before the first twist
will keep the strands apart

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Step 3
Pulling the twisted strands
begins to form the noodles.

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Step 4
Folding in half several times
multiples the numbers of strands

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Step 5
In a final pull, the strands separate
into thin noodles as if by magic

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Step 6
In the same motion, they go
directly into a pot of boiling water

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A large bowl of soup noodles, with flavorings of your choice, ranging from a spicy curry to a simple topping of cilantro, costs RMB 3.5 (US$ 0.42).  This is the single most expensive breakfast item I found.  But freshly-made noodles are worth the cost -- nothing can compare!