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Tools of the Trade
   Fire on a Bike
   Steel Drums
   Deep Fryers
   Steamers & Griddles
   Make-Shift Ovens

Quick Bites
   Soup on a Stool
   Handful on the Run

Golden Morsels
   Oil Cakes
   Deep-Fried Devils
   Cream Puffs
   Rice Cakes

   Rice Flour Puffs new.gif (957 bytes)
   Turnip Cakes

   Sesame "Dates" new.gif (957 bytes)
   Other Goldens

   Little Steamer Buns
   Pan-Fried Dumplings
   Steamed Buns

Savory Stuffings
   Chive Pancakes
   Scallion Pancakes

   Onion Cake
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Oodles of Noodles
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   Noodle Soups

Cakes & Pancakes
   Chinese Crepes
  "Big" Pancakes
   Hot Cakes
   Muffins, etc.
   Crude Cakes

Biscuits & Rolls
   Sesame Paste
   Sesame Seed
   Flower Rolls
  "Head of a Savage"

   Bean Bread
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Breakfast Soups
   Ways with Soy
   Thick Soups

Piles of Sweets
   Red Sugar Rolls

   Sugar Doughnuts new.gif (957 bytes)
   Coconut Balls
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   Eggs in a Pancake
   Pocket Breads

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Created March 1999
Updated June 1999