here are numerous small produce vendors scattered along the plane tree-lined arcades of the marché. The two largest occupy corner locations, where it's easier to maneuver around the crowds.

At the corner diagonally across from the Le Clemenceau Café, you'll find a comprehensive"super market-type" vendor who carries a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables. The quality here is acceptable, but nothing is outstanding.

If you're in a hurry and want to avoid threading through the crowded arcades, you find everything here. This is our last stop to fill in what we can't find at Pietro's stand.

At the opposite end of the Place des Lices, bordering on Avenue Foch, you'll find the best produce at the marché, sold by shy Italian who goes by the name of Pietro and who generally avoids eye contact with his customers. While you may not find him easy to engage in conversation, you will find that his tomatoes, melons, apricots, white peaches, figs and basil are the best at the marché.

Pietro reluctantly divulges that he has a small farm in la Môle, about 20 km from St.-Tropez, where he grows most of the produce he sells at the marché.  But he says he also buys some produce at the wholesale market to fill in what he doesn't grow himself.

To distinguish what Pietro and other produce vendors grow themselves and what they buy wholesale, look for items marked:


Produce bearing these signs means that it comes from farms in the countryside around the St.-Tropez area.

The End

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