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or the past 12 years, my husband and I have spent our two-week summer vacation in St.-Tropez. We rent a large house (usually the same one) that we share with our best friends from San Francisco, all pictured above. We all go to St.-Tropez to relax in the languid sun, warm breezes, warm Mediterranean water, to enjoy the camaraderie of our good friendship and to eat good food! The marché, an open-air market in the center of town held on Tuesdays and Saturdays, is also an important part of how we enjoy St.-Tropez.

This Photo Tour is Ditty's snapshot view of St.-Tropez's charming marché. This a private and non-commercial website and is based on information that I've collected over many visits to the marché. My thanks go to my husband, Bart, who patiently accompanied me on these visits every Tuesday and Saturday that we were in St.-Tropez to help collect information, to augment my broken French, and to carry home all the wonderful produce we bought. Thanks also to Lynn and Tony for reviewing an early draft of the Photo Tour.

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