ommanding a prime corner just opposite Le Café Clemenceau and along the Blvd. Vasserot,Mr. Loïc de Saleneuve is one of the most easily accessible vendors at the marché and perhaps one of the most appealing. He grows everything that he sells, including breeding goats to make his fromage de chêvre and growing berries to make his jams and berry syrups.

Mr. de Saleneuve sells a unique combination of romantic products:

Fromage de chêvre - fresh, aged,cured in olive oil
Fresh raspberries and fraises des bois
Fresh eggs
Crème de framboise (with alcohol)
Sirop de framboise (without alcohol)
Crème de mûre and Crème de châtaignier
Porc paté en croûte (only on Saturdays)

His berry-based "crèmes" and "sirops" are simple extractions of berry juice, to which he adds sugar to make "sirop" and then adds alcohol to make the "crème". The mixtures then age in the bottle for about 3 months. Both the "crèmes" and the "sirops" can be used in small quantities to flavor champagne or white wine and the "crème" can also be enjoyed by itself as a sweet after-dinner liqueur. They make very special presents to bring to family and friends and also to keep in your liquor cabinet throughout the year.

On Saturdays, he sells his freshly-baked porc paté en croûte -- it's a simple, rustic version and it's absolutely divine!

Loïc gives the impression of a mid-50's farmer truly enjoying his rural life, but with St.-Tropez-style! He and his wife Andrée Cécile live in the Maures Mountains northwest of St.-Tropez on the D 39 between Collobrieres and Gonfaron at their farm called "La Bastide de la Cabrière".

At La Bastide, they run a "Table et chambre d'Hôte", a one-room bed-and-breakfast. With 2 days in advance booking, Andrée Cécile will also prepare a home-cooked dinner for groups of 6 - 8. This is a unique getaway into the French countryside, far from the glitter and glitz in St.-Tropez. But be prepared for an hour's drive on narrow (though scenic) mountain roads.

 The de Saleneuve's brochure summarizes Loïc's and Andrée Cécile's spirit:

"Un couple de "Paysans"
les pieds sur terre
et la tête dans les étoiles
vous offre:
L'authentique hospitalité
Le bonheur de vivre
La joie d'aimer
et l'amour de ce pays"

A farming couple
with their feet on the ground
and their head in the stars
offer you:
Authentic hospitality
The happiness of life
The joy of love
and a love of this countryside."


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